Education Spaces

An environment especially designed for learning.

The classic layout of classrooms and the organization of the space conforms to an educational model from the industrial revolution. We have created a learning environment far from the static, closed spaces and rows of desks all facing the teacher. Our team of architects worked hand in hand with academic professionals in the creation of our learning spaces to achieve the mordern, aesthetic, technical, useful and versatile spaces that our educational method requires.

Designed for learning.

In order to carry out the breakdown of the subjects and groups we have had to design many open and versatile spaces. A learning environment far from the static, closed spaces with rows of desks facing the teacher and blackboard, which are fundamental approaches in recent studies of neuroscience.

We want to create an environment in which the student is comfortable, motivated to work and wants to be there. We understand that not all students are comfortable in the same spaces and for this reason we want to leave behind the traditional concept of a classroom and make sure that every space in the school is suitable for learning.

Classrooms without walls

We have designed different areas to facilitate reflexion, meetings, group work or project presentations. An approach that combines mordern aesthetic, versatility and transparency. We chose to tear down the walls, substituting them for glass walls and moveable partitions. Glass, the construction material of the 21st century, is the focus in our centre. It provides the acoustics necessary that our method demands with the constant movement of tables and chairs and the noise created by our students when carrying out their group work.

We want to create an open space where you can’t differentiate between the classrooms, the corridors and common areas of the school. When the walls disappear, what is happening in the classrooms is visible from the outside and the same in reverse. As well as the glass walls, the learning spaces can modified with moveable partitions meaning classes from the same level can work together while separated.

A unique value proposal

Our methodology promotes independent work in small groups, so there will be occasions when the students will be assisted by two or even three teachers to guarantee an exceptionally direct and personal attention to them. The space favours the new teacher’s role as “guide” or “companion” of the students in their paths towards the knowledge.