We don’t have teachers at our school.
We have guides who lead and advise each student through their learning process.

The teaching staff at Valle del Guadalentín School act as guides throughout the entire learning process. Our team leads our students through their work in a way that they are ultimately learning for themselves, showing them how to think and learn independently. Our teachers guide the entire learning process, supervising, setting goals and helping with any difficulties that come up and evaluating their work.

Leaders and guides of the education process

Based on the four models of teaching in the most metaphorical sense presented by Peiró (1999), we can distinguish four models: naturalism, functionalism, teacher as a guide and teacher who creates a civilization. In Valle del Guadalentín School we have the belief that the model of having the teacher as a guide and counselor is the best way to achieve our goals in education. Our team act as a support and adviser, creating a dialogue with our students and guiding the discussion in the classroom to reach an understanding of the subject area, as if it were a Socratic method.


Like the ethics upheld by
German Philosopher Habermas, we consider that conversation in learning is essential, understanding discussion and debate as the art of sharing ideas, values, feelings and reason. Authors like Gadamer and Reboul advocate that the true course of action in education is to end up with an self-sufficient adult, in other words, self-education. We understand that the teachers should be the person by the student’s side, turning them into independent, educated children, guiding them towards responsibility, taking decisions and independence.

The teacher is no longer the centre of the classroom.

Through directed lessons, our teachers provoke dialogue based on content analysis. The exercises, group projects and evaluations are continuous since they serve to inform each student, not only of their successes and errors but also their causes and how to rectify them, promoting personal synthesis, purpose and rectification.


Gone is the perception of the teacher being the official knowledge carrier and at the center of the classroom. At Valle del Guadalentín School the teacher is not the only source of information as we provide other means and elements to access information. Our ‘teaching guides’ reconstruct the learning process with the application of dynamic groups and interactive classes in which the students don’t spend all day just listening to the teacher instead acquiring knowledge with the advice of the teacher.

Personalized attention to the individual

The teaching staff at Valle del Guadalentín School guide our students through the entire learning process, diagnosing their problems, setting goals, helping with any difficulties that might come up, evaluating their learning and redirecting them in the case of any misunderstanding.


Not only do our teachers conform to guide the group but also to do so in an individual and personalized way. We understand our work as a learning task in which students are guided through the accomplishment of their work, where they learn to learn for themselves and learn to think. 

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