We are a bilingual private coeducational centre located in Lorca, offering courses of the General Education System. 

About us

Referente tecnológico regional

Vodafone Business convierte a Valle del Guadalentín School en referencia tecnológica de la Región de Murcia.


Innovación educativa

El modelo de trabajo por el que apuesta Valle del Guadalentín School se basa en un aprendizaje centrado en el alumno.


Extra-curricular activities

All our extracurricular activities are bilingual and are held in Valle del Guadalentín School. By the way…you don’t have to be a pupil to enjoy them


A unique educational space

We have created a learning environment away from static spaces and preset items, such as the rows of tables directed towards the teacher or the walls in the classrooms.



Admission is now open for Valle del Guadalentín School and the extracurricular activities.


Discover our day to day

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We make your life easier

The centre embraces all the educational stages of the students, offering the First and Second cycle of Early childhood education (0-6 years), Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate. At Valle del Guadalentín School we are committed to the work-life balance, offering a flexible schedule and adapted to your needs. The centre opens at 07.00, offering a Before School Care service. The students end their school day at 18:00 hours with extracurricular activities (optional).

We educate for the 21st Century

The working method carried out by Valle del Guadalentín School is based on a student-centered learning. Our students construct the knowledge through the research and synthesis of information, incorporating it afterwards in their communicative, investigation, critical thinking and problem solving competences.

Una ubicación excepcional

Conecta con el centro urbano a través de la Alameda de Cervantes (a menos de 1.000 m de la calle más céntrica de la ciudad) y limita al sur con Purias y Campillo, dos de las diputaciones más pobladas del término municipal.

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