An ambitious educational Project

Our educational proposal is designed and guided by a team of experts in educational innovation and academic leadership (university professors and teachers distinguished by Apple) not based on the traditional education system. We are focused on inductive methodologies that turns the students in the main actors of their learning.


The working method carried out by Valle del Guadalentín School is based on a student-centered learning. Our students construct the knowledge through the research and synthesis of information, incorporating it afterwards in their communicative, investigation, critical thinking and problem solving competences.

Project based learning: STEAM

Our working philosophy is based on the teaching of knowledge through projects related to the real world, designed to provide our students an experience as close as possible to reality. The different spaces and laboratories of the centre are available to all students so that they can carry out their individual or group projects. All the school is conceived as a place of learning carefully equipped with the material and elements required, so that the students can develop their projects while teachers act as guides.


Breaking down the walls of the classrooms

Pioneers in the use of the model “one to one”, we consider essential the use of the technology to reinforce our methodology, creating a true transformation in the teaching and learning process. We break down the walls of the classroom, seeking knowledge beyond the four walls.
We are firmly committed to technology in an invisible way, considering it as a mean rather than a goal. Our centre is equipped with the newest technology and methodology in the world of education, going hand in hand with Apple.



We are aware that an advanced knowledge of at least one foreign language is needed in a globalized world. Valle del Guadalentín School guarantees, through our bilingual programme, that all the students will be able to communicate in English competently, fluently and professionally.


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