Extra-curricular activities

All our extracurricular activities are bilingual and are held in Valle del Guadalentín School. By the way…you don’t have to be a pupil to enjoy them. monday and Wednesday from 16.00 to 18.00


In the STEM lab (acronym of Science, Technology,
Engineering, Mathematics) we take a playful approach to the world of science, through experimentation, robotics, coding and augmented reality (AR)


Tuesday and Thursday from 16.00 to 18.00. Bilingual Activity

Once upon a time...

In Once upon a time… let’s discover, through Storytelling, the art of using language, communication, emotion and the transmission of stories. The creation of videos, theatre, storytelling, comics and creativity will be key in this process.


Monday and Wednesday from 16.00 until 18.00. Bilingual Activity.


Wednesday and Thursday from 16.00 until 18.00

VDG Sports

In VDG sports we perform an introduction to a variety of sports, both individual and team, hygiene practices, health and nutrition.


Friday from 16.00 to 18.00. Bilingual Activity

Price list for children not enrolled in the school

VDG Sports (2h/week): 35€/month.
STEM Lab (4h/ week): 65€/month.
ONCE UPON A TIME… (4h/ week): 65€/month.
ONCE UPON A TIME… (4h/week): 65€/month. FRENCH (2h/week): 35€/ month.

TOTAL (10h/week): 125€/month (instead of 130€/month)

Any questions?

Phone: 674 24 78 71
Mail: hola@vdglorca.es
School: Ronda Central de Lorca con Alameda de Cervantes, Lorca.